Its super crunchy, made with a lot of
peanuts! Made exclusively
by Dom Amendoim

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Croquinole is neither a cereal, a cookie, a biscuit, nor even a "paçoca". Croquinole is Croquinole.

A development made with reliable institutions in Brazil, UNICAMP and USP

The Traditional

18% Protein

Croquinole! The energy from peanuts you can take with you anytime, anywhere.

Peanut with Cocoa
Peanut with Coffee
Peanut with Cinnamon

Croquinole is made with brown sugar, which is healthier because as it's unrefined, it retains the vitamins and minerals from sugar cane.

Chocolate Covered

The crunchy and irresistible Croquinole is now available with this special combination.

Sorted Croquinoles Covered with Chocolate

Dom Amendoim value high quality ingredients. Our factory is gluten free and all raw material is carefully selected, assuring our products healthy securance.

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